Our Mission:


To facilitate the commercialization of intellectual property generated by BME faculty, staff and students. This serves the public good by advancing knowledge, by creating new and useful products and services, and by promoting economic development via start-up ventures.

To support our mission, we:

  • Educate researchers, students and the community on entrepreneurship, intellectual property and technology commercialization matters.
  • Helps students and staff commercialise their ideas and share knowledge gained from research or studies.
  • Can help you develop business opportunities, obtain resources, find a commercial partner, manage contracts and provide business support from proof of concept to exit.
  • Identify and protect marketable BME inventions and intellectual property.
  • Assure compliance with Regulation for intellectual property.
  • Research and evaluate technology markets, competitive technologies and competitors.
  • Market technologies to existing companies.
  • Negotiate license agreements for intellectual property to realize its commercial value.
  • Monitor existing licenses for milestone, financial and other compliance.
  • Support faculty and students in the creation of start-up companies by assisting with business plans, teaming, company formation, introductions to investors, venture pitch creation and refinement, etc.
  • Creating a culture of entrepreneurship within the University through our many events, programs and relationships with local and international organizations.