Our Ventures



Entered the incubator in May 2016

The Postuse is a marketing tool, based on the new-wave influence marketing of social web. The goal and role of Postuse is, to connect companies and individuals (later called postusers) together for the purpose of advertising missions, using the greatest social media platforms.

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Entered the incubator in April 2016

DiabTrend is an application, that helps diabetic people to avoid the harmful complications and have a longer healthy life. Our goal is to give an accurate prediction of the blood glucose level with machine learning technology.

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Entered the incubator in February 2014 | moved out June 2015

UniBreeze platform have been created in order to find every events, organisations and opportunities in one place which are in connection with university life.

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Entered the incubator in June 2013

The 5L non-CO2 Shower head solution makes it possible for people to enjoy a refreshing shower, using only 5 liters of water and less energy than a computer uses in an hour. This is a dramatic 90%+ reduction in the average consumption when taking a shower! It also collects data of your consumption and savings.

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Entered the incubator in May 2013

ReSoNo  is an automatic real-time source-selective noise monitoring and mapping robot based on an artificial intelligence created to get every field work done automatically instead of using expensive manpower.

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Entered the incubator in January 2013 | moved out March 2016

Hand-in-Scan is an innovative device for providing immediate quality-assured feedback regarding hand hygiene. It is designed to help people learn the technique for proper hand hygiene. It can be used by professionals and laymen alike.

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Tresorit protects the files you never want leaked or lost. The ultimate way to stay safe in the cloud. “More than 1,000 hackers, including MIT, Stanford and Harvard have failed to break in”

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Rabbit Technologies

Entered the incubator in April 2014 | moved out January 2016

Wearable communication platform. This customised platform allows attendees and exhibitors to organize information and follow-up on new business contacts made at events.

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Notch Interfaces

Entered the incubator in July 2014

Wearable 3D Movement Capture. Your movements reconstructed on your smartphone. Notch is a compact mobile movement analysis and motion capture system. Notch utilizes state-of-the-art sensors and reconfigurable low-power bluetooth radios which work together to pass data to your mobile phone. The system is so small and light that it fits onto garments and equipment without obstructing movement.

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Entered the incubator in August 2014 

A city discovery and story creator platform and application. With this tool in a gamified way, you can discover your own or other cities, moreover, you can yourself create games and stories as well.

Visit Mistory's website (homepage for now only in Hungarian)


Four Bites

Entered the incubator in April 2014

Four Bites is gastronomy venture, redefining catering and snack delivery. They create a wide variety of handmade healthy and tasty bites for events and personal orders. For this, they use innovative, dynamic solutions for the packaging, delivery and serving system such as for communication with their cutomers. Currently they are developing a technology to support production scalibility.

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Miutcánk.hu | bLocal.co

Entered the incubator in June 2014

Miutcánk.h/Blocal is an online platform to bring locals, neighbourhoods closer to each other. Using the opportunities of social networks and sharing economy it is a platform for marketing and business development for SMEs as well.

Visit Miutcánk.hu's website (homepage for now only in Hungarian)


Entered the incubator in March 2016 | moved out July 2016

Codie is a new robotic toy that teaches the principles of computer coding, with the mission to help understand how technology works.

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Entered the incubator in September 2015 | moved out September 2017

Atmosplay is building a game engine that lets users play games instantly, without downloading. Our technology supports the world's leading developers' games, like Candy Crush, Clash of Clans or Asphalt. We are a team of 4 developers and designers.

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Entered the incubator in July 2015

Sybrillo aims to give cinematography's finest functions to amateur and prosumer level videographers. They are developing the smartest action camera (GoPro) accessory ever made, which will let users control the camera remotely with their smartphone, control the movements of the camera way before they go out to shoot the scene. Their device is waterproof, so melted snow or even salt water can't set back the creativity of the users.

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Entered the incubator in September 2015

Lokalm cider is a Hungarian craft cider brand. They produce premium ciders with their new technology.